Ways to Treat Tick and Flea Infection in Your Home

In order to completely gate rid of ticks and fleas from your pets, you need to ensures that you use measures that are effective in removing the parasites from your pets. Pet owners need to consider the following steps if they want to remove fleas and ticks from the skin of their domestic animals. If you feel that the parasites have dominated over your house, you need to ensure that you come up with drastic measures of getting rid of the parasites. The following are the ways in which pet owners can use to remove the ticks and fleas form their pets and their homes as well, they include oral medications, spot -on treatments, as well as the use of sprays. The sprays used in curbing the fleas and ticks are essential since they immediately kill the parasites once it gets in contact with them. You can choose different types of sprays ranging from those made of pyrethrum flowers to the alcohol based. Before using the sprays, it is vital that you know how to use it since if you do not use them correctly, it will not remove the fleas and ticks as expected. For instance there are specific types of sprays that are mixed with certain types of medication, while others once sprayed on the pet, they are left for some time before the pet is washed.

The second way of treating the pets from parasite attack is by use of spots -on treatment which involves the application of the liquid chemical on the skin of the dog or cat once in a week or month. This is the most used method since it is considered to be less expensive, and has no side effects on the pets, in addition, it prevents fleas and ticks from residing on your pet, and kill them when they try. On the other hand, pet owners can use oral methods of parasite control to regulate the parasites. In addition, you need to know the type of parasites that the oral medicine kills. It is vital to note that the type of oral medications you buy kills different type of parasite, for instance, there are those that kill only ticks while others kill fleas.

Besides, you can bath your dog or cat with shampoo that contains medicated ingredients, this will kill all the ticks and fleas on contact. However, in order to ensure that all ticks and fleas are killed, you need to repeat the process more often, about every two weeks. Moreover, you can use collars that repel ticks, however, they only remove ticks that are near the neck. Therefore, for effective eradication of the ticks and fleas, you need to combine the different parasite prevention methods.

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